Virtual Network Operators Association Of India (VNOAI) welcomes the decision taken by Telecom Commission on 11th July 2018 to remove the cascading taxation on revenue of the VNOs.



The Virtual Network Operators Association of India (VNOAI) offers the convergence of Virtual Network Operators (VNOs) and VNO industry participants to build a healthy ecosystem that facilitates the growth of a thriving VNO industry in India.

The member-driven association strives to initiate and promote activities that contribute to the development of VNOs in India.

With the many legal, technology, regulatory and network operator challenges prevalent among the growing VNO sector in India, VNOAI has been created to give VNOs India a united and stronger voice in the evolving Telecom landscape.

Furthermore, the association does not just serve as a platform to represent the interests of VNOs in India but also addresses their challenges in collaboration with regulatory/licensing authorities, network operators and all stakeholders.

We believe that our joint efforts can bring immediate success, and fuel the future growth of the VNO industry in India, thereby driving the next phase of Telecom sector advancement.

Key Objectives

To initiate and promote activities leading to development of Virtual Network Operators in India

To help create effective/suitable policy framework that will make the sector more open, fair, competitive, and efficient

To provide a platform to market players, academicians, legal luminaries, financial experts and other stakeholders, for identifying issues, potential risks and areas for development

To assist all concerned authorities by providing requisite industry information that enables formulation of suitable policies and incentivizes growth

To continuously improve the standards and competitiveness of the VNO industry, attain world-class status and deliver the benefits of affordable all telecom services to the people India.

vnoai vision

Vision Statement

A healthy ecosystem that facilitates the growth of a thriving VNO industry in India, and stimulates innovation.

vnoai mission

Mission Statement

  • Represent the collective interests of VNOs that inspire suitable/effective action from regulators, Telecom network operators and all stakeholders in the Indian ecosystem.
  • Serve customers to ensure they enjoy world class, unique and affordable Telecommunications solutions.
  • Institute a network of key influencers and stakeholders across the VNO ecosystem in India.
  • Spread awareness among all stakeholders in the Indian VNO industry.