VNOAI Membership

There are two main categories of VNOAI membership.

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Core Member

A Company shall be eligible to apply for becoming a Core Member of the Association if:

  • It holds a valid VNO License(s) from Government of India for the provisioning of VNO Services
  • If at any time, two or more entities under “Group Company” are found to be members of the Association, the “Group Company” shall decide the entity in the name of which they want to pursue their membership. Such entity shall represent the entire group and exercise the rights and privileges on behalf of the entire group. The membership charges and voting rights of all such member entities will be based on their Group Company’s Adjusted Gross Revenue.
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Associate Member

An association, company or any other legal entity shall be eligible to become an Associate Member of the Association if it supports the functioning, promotion, research, development and evolution of M2M, IOT or any VNO services. These would include inter alia, but not be limited to the value-added service providers /content providers and manufacturers/ suppliers of:

  • Mobile Stations or chip set components used to build mobile stations.
  • Infrastructure equipment, System simulators, SIM cards.
  • Security systems- smart cards, authentication centers, equipment identity registers, fraud detection systems and analysis tools.
  • Billing and accounting systems.
  • Data hosting services.
  • Financial clearing house services and financial services on mobiles
  • Signaling clearing house services.
  • Brokers of roaming facilitation services.
  • Software development for the telecom industry

Membership Charges

Each and every member shall pay the “Membership Charges” as per these rules and in the manner prescribed herein.

Corporate A:-

Particulars Annual Subscription April - March * Admission Fees One Time
Annual turnover above Rs. 200 Crores Rs.4.5 Lakhs Rs.50,000/-
Annual turnover between Rs.50-200 Crores Rs.3.0 Lakhs Rs.50,000/-
Annual turnover less than Rs.50 Crores Rs.1.5 Lakhs Rs.50,000/-

Corporate B:-

Particulars Annual Subscription April - March * Admission Fees One Time
Rs.75,000 Rs.30,000/-

Corporate C:-

Particulars Annual Subscription April - March * Admission Fees One Time
Rs.30,000 Rs.20,000/-


Particulars Annual Subscription April - March * Admission Fees One Time
Rs.30,000 Rs.10,000/-


  • In case of company joins VNOAI during Oct-Mar, They will get 50% discount on published Annual Subscription as mentioned above; however, admission Fee will remain same.
  • GST as applicable on the total amount payable to VNOAI on account of admission Fee and Annual subscription will be charged.

Benefits of Membership

  • Provides a common credible platform for discussion and ideation between VNOs, Aspiring VNOs, Regulators, the Government, Policy Makers, Industry thought leaders, Network Service Providers, Technology vendors, and other ecosystem players like SIM card manufacturers etc, who have an interest in the growth of a healthy VNO industry in India.
  • Participation in VNOAI Committees and Working Groups : VNOAI will constitute various committees to provide direction to the VNO Industry on Legal and Regulatory matters, Policy, Technical inputs etc. Members will be able to participate in these forums. Members will also discuss and decide the nature and points of engagement between VNOAI and the external world.
  • Contribute to resolving Industry Issues: Members will be able to provide their views on the various economic, technical and regulatory policies pertaining to the VNO industry in India, through the auspices of VNOAI. This will be done through various events, workshops and representations to various ministries, government departments and regulatory bodies.
  • Participate in Workshops, Seminars: Members can attend workshops and seminars organized by VNOAI, or conducted with the active association and participation of VNOAI. They can provide inputs to VNOAI responses to issues of common concern. This will also be an opportunity to network with other members of VNOAI and also the larger telecommunication ecosystem globally and in India.
  • Participate in the Studies and Benchmarking Reports: Gain access to statistics, research reports, benchmarking reports, surveys, whitepapers and position papers through VNOAI.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Access to Research, Surveys, Knowledge Papers, Press Releases, Industry submissions

VNOAI Membership Form

Membership Process

  • Send the scanned document to
  • For any clarifications, please write to us or contact
    Secretary General: Rakesh Kumar Mehta
    Mobile Number: 9899006599
    Address: Virtual Network Operators Association Of India.
    Room No.214, DBS Business Centers,
    World Trade Towers, Barakhamba Lane,
    New Delhi-110001 India.


For any information, please email us at

For any membership related enquiries, please email us at

List of members

Member Member Since
Oxigen Services Ltd Sep - 2016
Lycamobile India Pvt Limited Sep - 2016
Mobilise Consulting, UK Sep - 2016
AdPay Mobile Payment India Sep - 2016
MFT Internet Pvt Limited Sep - 2016
Datawind Sep - 2016
Roam1 Telecom Ltd Sep - 2016
Plintron India Private Limited Sep - 2016
Spiderlink Networks Pvt Ltd Sep - 2016
Tone Excel SDN, Malaysia Sep - 2016
Lyca Telecom Pvt Ltd Oct - 2016
PowerGrid Corporation of India Ltd Nov - 2016
SYNIVERSE Nov - 2016
Sistemos information Technology pvt Ltd Dec - 2016
NTT Communications Sep - 2017
SICAP Oct - 2017
(DID) VNOs Association Pune Oct - 2017

Our Members Say

"Government's decision to issue VNO Licenses opens up an opportunity to leverage digital financial inclusion initiatives using Jan Dhan, Aadhaar and Mobile Services to offer differentiated services in the last mile to take data, communication and financial inclusion deeper and wider across rural and urban landscape of the country. Oxigen, being a leading player in the digital payments and financial inclusion, with its reach of 2,00,000 access points and 150 million BOP customers, is keen to participate in the VNO space."

Pramod Saxena, Oxigen Services, Chairman & Managing Director

"Lycamobile is established as a VNO in 21 countries and we are tremendously excited by the potential of India, one of the fastest growing telecom markets across the world. A key sector association, such as VNOAI, would draw from the VNO Industry learnings globally, particularly from Europe, to help define the India marketplace in its formative phase."

Christopher Tooley, Chief Executive Officer, Lycamobile.

"Since the launch of VNOAI, we are enthused with the quantum of interest shown and applications received from multiple industry participants. We are excited with the prospects of active engagement from all stakeholders in the VNO sector."

Mohan Kumar Sundaram, Co-Founder and Chairman VNOAI.

“As a leader in low-cost internet connectivity, our devices and patented technology already allow millions of Indians to access and benefit from the internet every day. With the launch of DataWind's data services, we will now be able to launch revolutionary offers to customers, which will further accelerate the rate of internet adoption and bring tremendous social and economic benefits to India. We look forward to associating with VNOAI and benefit from each other’s expertise"

Mr. Suneet Singh Tuli, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, DataWind.